what to do in croatia

what to do in croatia

what to do in croatia
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what to do in croatia

what to do in croatia

Welcome to tips and trick,what to do in croatia before you visit Croatia this is simple tips.

Croatia is part of Eu,and its safe for all people who visit at any time of year,this is simple the best thing when you visit some country,you want to be safe.

There is no need to be scare or unsafe by explore Croatia from one point to other,this is my true review as i live in Croatia,you can go at night from one location to other and there is no hijacking or criminal like you see on other unsafe travel.

Now lets talk normal and safe,yes in big city there is always little bit unsafe,but in group there is no need to be scare,if you visit some of islands,or coast at summer time do not be afraid.Trouble who make is only local,there is almost 1 percent on attack on tourist,like other country where is cheap but unsafe.

5 Best things to do in Croatia

If you explore,traveler or blogger this is 5 best thing to do in Croatia.

  1. Visit National Parks (Plitvice Lakes,Krka,Brijuni and other)
  2. Visit capital of Croatia (Zagreb)
  3. Best island for nightlife 24h (Island Pag)
  4. Split
  5. Dubrovnik one of the favorite place to visit

what to do in croatia holidays

When come to talk about holidays and vacations,is summer or you chose other time at year,this is top destination to visit before visit Croatia.

  1. Dubrovnik  – Spectacular old town is stunning and its must seen
  2. Plitvice Lakes – Awesome nature,landscape clean water and waterfalls will blow your mind (Winter is stunning at Plitvice Lakes)
  3. Zagreb – Capital of Croatia and wonderful story and historical place to visit.
  4. Hvar Town,Island Hvar – Large amount of sun,sandy beaches and clean private water is something you need and want.

Croatia full of place

Croatia is full of place to explore,to see and make your own travel story,this is simple the best country with full of historical place,nature and place to visit.

what to do in croatia


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