street life story

street life story

street life story
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What is street life

street life story

Street life story

What is street life, its new story that I will show to you, its all about story behind every street I visit?

Street life has full awesome picture and story to be shown.

A simple story with good background and travel will blow your mind about.


My street story


My point of this theme is to make the story behind every street, city or country I visit.

Ask your self what street life can give you, and what you missing from your travel story or blogger.

I have free time, hundred picture to be uploaded and the story behind every picture I will make. My travel starts 2010 with simple Olympus e450.

What equipment to use

DSLR or GoPro

What is best travel and street equipment to use, for me GoPro is for a fast move and travel photo to use? Have all that you need in some fast situation, like weather change or something that need the fast response.

DSLR is more like for professionals who have time, and better picture and quilty is almost same if you have the good background story about every movement and picture to show.

Gopro simple shot

Simple shot by GoPro

Street view


This is simple show how GoPro work.

Gopro is awesome for this kind of shot, do not think that small camera is not good as professional.

DSLR simple shots

Simple shot by Nikon d3200

Picture say every think this is what you like to do. this is professional shots, where you have time to make every step by step.

My criticism


If you have GoPro or DSLR any kind you will not mistake for street photo and life, this is like mode simple use what you think that is best for your travel, blogger moments.

I personally use both, but most use is GoPro 5, why fast-moving need time laps photo and video recording in 4k. Gopro is a winner for me

The best Streetlife story