street life of homeless dog

street life of homeless dog

street life of homeless dog
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Street life of homeless dog

Homeless dog

This story is true, walking down the street you see everything,but most of this is homeless dog.

You will ask your self how cruel world is for people,who care about dog life on street.

Traveling from city to city,country to country there is to much left homeless dog,that is problem of our organization.

It was winter,walking from one street to other,taking picture and making story,something i see moment of one dog life,who is homeless without love,and home.

Just his looking and eyes give you how cruel world can be,we all know that nothing will happen.Its like invisible problem just go away.



My critique

dog’s life matter

Every life matter,but when you see something that you cant change,why people do not care about animals,they buy and after short time just left to street.

Can life be more cruel to animals you can see with this simple story,and its just one dog,what about other.

When we change our life style,and look what is front of us,we will change everything else.

This picture is taken in Slavonski Brod,my hometown where this is not just one problem its big problem that do not have a answer or goal to help.

But in the end who today cares about animals life,nobody its just one problem solved,one thing that we can forgot about it,life still go that is think who make dog life cruel.

We have shelter for dog,but after years still is not open and when will be we do not know.

Maybe when elections come again when people go to vote and politicians are lazy.

Lazy lies to do simple job what they promised.

People like sheep,follow other they want to open mind and see what is behind street life,not tv and politicians lies and lazy little lies.

Best of street life story

What is street life


street life story

Street life of the Slavonski Brod

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