Street life of the Slavonski Brod

Street life of the Slavonski Brod

Street life of the Slavonski Brod
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Street of the Slavonski Brod

Street Life story #1

This is my city where i live,this city give you everything from nightlife to traveler or blogger.

Slavonski Brod is located on the northern shore of the Sava River.

Street Life

Famous location to visit

Street Life

Fortress is among the largest such facilities in Croatia.

This location is nice for walking,and its huge with nice looking at any side of fortress.

Historical story this fortress have that is one of top location to visit before leave city.

Street view

Src Poloj famous second place to visit when you arrive to Slavonski Brod.

This is place is good for gym,run,swim at summer time,barbecue and much more.

This is something like huge park,where you have now swimming pool,skate park and nature is awesome at summer time.

If you like to read,or drive bicycle this is for you best way to relax.Or you are traveler,blogger you have time to inspiration just sitting and relaxing at any point of Src Poloj.

Poloj view

Center of Slavonski Brod


After long walk,ride or travel the best place to coffee is korzo,center of Slavonski Brod the best place full of life and place.

If you like long talk,and coffee time,this is best place to visit and relax.You have many options from coffee to restaurant.

At summer time this place is full of life,this place is always full with people.

My honest critique

Street Life

What can i say about my city for the last long years this city is awesome,pretty and good for living.

At winter we are the colder in country,at summer time we are warm then other city in Croatia.

City with historical and famous place to visit and see there is nothing spectacular to visit after you see everything.

For the past years we have been in media news about air problem and water,nothing special about city that have industry.


Best Street Story


street life story

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