spectacular croatia split

spectacular croatia split

spectacular croatia split
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spectacular croatia split

spectacular croatia split

Split is the largest city in Dalmatia and the second largest city in Croatia.

spectacular croatia split

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best spectacular thing to visit at Split

  • Dioklecijanova palača
  • Dioklecijanovi podrumi (basement)

  • Hrvatsko narodno kazalište (HNK) u Splitu
  • Krstionica sv. Ivana Krstitelja (Jupiterov hram)
  • Marjan
  • Narodni trg (Pjaca) u Splitu
  • Sfinga na Peristilu

  • Srebrna vrata u Splitu


This is 8 thing to visit before leave split,awesome Split will give you everything you need for adventure.


Dioklecijanova palača

Diocletian’s palace was once Imperial residence, later developed by the city of Split.This place is awesome for visitors and give you historical story about.

Dioklecijanovi podrumi (basement)

The Diocletian’s basements are one of the most attractive parts of the palace, and are beautifully preserved today.

Its place for photographer and visitors spectacular parts of palace and for today people around world visiting every year.

Hrvatsko narodno kazalište (HNK) u Splitu

The Croatian National Theater is the central Dalmatian theater institution, and is located in a Neo-Renaissance palace north of the historic core.

Krstionica sv. Ivana Krstitelja (Jupiterov hram)

Peristyle was the center of Diocletian’s palace, so it was not surprising that there was a temple dedicated to the supreme Roman goddess.


The Marjan Peninsula right is a green oasis just to the very center of Split and a place where you can spend all day without problems.

Narodni trg (Pjaca) u Splitu

Split began to expand rapidly at the end of the 13th and early 14th centuries, and in that period the National Square.

Also know as Pjaca.

Sfinga na Peristilu

 Attractive Peristil is interesting because of one detail – the Egyptian sphinx in front of the Cathedral of St. Duje.

This awesome and spectacular place is visited almost every year just because that one detail.

Srebrna vrata u Splitu

This place look like almost like golder door,located on the eastern entrance to the Palace and the structure was very similar to the Golden Gate.

My criticism

Before leave Croatia this place must be one of your part route,do not miss this place,its best for nightlife and give you all historical moments for people who like this is one of the best city to visit.

Be sure to visit all historical place and do not go before visit some of this place.

About my blog

I am photographer,traveller all my story is not copy paste or plagiarism,some of place that i have only one or i do not have picture i use reusable photo with right to use licence,with author name,feel free to contact me if you think that you see your pic or think that is not right to use.All my work is to show our awesome and spectacular Croatia.I have 10 000 picture from all kind place and will took me lot of time to place all picture in story.


spectacular croatia split

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