spectacular croatia place

spectacular croatia place

spectacular croatia place
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spectacular croatia place

Spectacular Croatia places to visit

Slavonski Brod

Second largest city in Slavonia with cultural, historical story.

The city offers a lot for the traveler, blogger, and photographer, its good and nice place to visit before leaving Croatia.

5 Spectacular place to visit


Fortress is one of historical building and a good place to see, with gallery art inside you, can learn about the history of the fortress.

AddressVukovarska ul. 1, 35000, Slavonski Brod


Just name say what is this, beer house is full of beer all kind from all over the world. Relax time and drink it.

Popular place with the restaurant inside and delivery options for eating at home.

AddressUl. Ante Starčevića 17, 35000, Slavonski Brod

Franjevacki Monastery

This is the old monastery almost 5 minutes from the center of the city, it has the historical story with a huge library.

AddressTrg Svetog Trojstva 1, 35000, Slavonski Brod

Sports recreation center klasije

This is old recreation center its 10 minutes from the center in best place and position with the forest around, play football or tennis in free time.

surface of 13.180 m2 + 6.055 m2, built in 1960.

League of the small football, handball, football and basketball schools and TK “Brod”

Address: Klasije, 35000, Slavonski Brod

Fire Station

Its old fire station with great architecture and its front of Franjevacki Monastery.

spectacular croatia place


Restaurants in Slavonski Brod

Uno pizzeria

Address:Nikole Zrinskog Ulica 7Slavonski Brod 35000, Croatia
Podrum restaurants and caffe bar
Address: Trg Ivane Brlić Mažuranić 15, 35000, Slavonski Brod
This is at the center of Slavonski Brod, nice place, and food,5 star from me.
Beerhouse restaurants 
Do not just drink at this place, you can always eat nice food, not expensive and the best place for a relaxing time.
 Address: Ul. Ante Starčevića 17, 35000, Slavonski Brod

Spectacular nature photo slavonski brod

This is the simple small description about my city Slavonski Brod, there will be an update about more stuff, this is just for now, the best place to visit when you arrive in Slavonski Brod.

Spectacular and awesome picture from my city taken by me.

spectacular croatia place

spectacular croatia place

spectacular croatia place


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