spectacular croatia 2018

spectacular croatia 2018

spectacular croatia 2018
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spectacular croatia 2018

spectacular croatia 2018

Place and spectacular nature

  1. Plitvice Lakes 
  2. National Park Krka
  3. Zagreb
  4. Dubrovnik

Plitvice Lakes

Some people say if you leave Croatia without visiting one of spectacular nature place,Plitvice Lakes you not see everything.

Plitvice lakes is full of life,with great lakes and clean water that is around you,spectacular view to waterfalls this is simple the best national park in Croatia.

National Park Krka

People who like explore,long walk and spectacular view,this is for you,best nature with lot of greeny this is the best second national park that is visited by each year more and more.


Capital of Croatia,explore,run and have a fun,one of best historical place

Zagreb is best place for couples and tourist who like traveling,photography and story to have before leave Croatia.

spectacular croatia 2018

Dubrovnik is last but the best city to be explore.

This city is every year more and more visited with spectacular historical place,and best view to see adriatic sea.This is awesome city that is most visited place in Croatia.

Croatia is full of place and nature but be sure to read all my articles and review of some place,Croatia will give you all best thing and awesome place to be visited and explore.

Street Life

Street life of Croatia is full and best place to see how croatia lives.

My honest critique

Croatia is simple amazing,with some of the best nature and city with historical place.

Safe place with no need to afraid,croatia will give you no stress situation at any place,any time,this is my honest review,this is not a lie.You will be safe to all part of city,beaches no need to be afraid.Final its most visited country for the past years with great nature,landscape and croatia is simple spectacular amazing place on earth.Do not leave croatia without visiting some of place.

spectacular croatia 2018

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