NP Krka

NP Krka

NP Krka
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National Park Krka

NP Krka

This National Park is almost attractively like NP Plitvicka Jezera

I was visiting only once this NP and like other this is good for people who like long walking,with lot of mountain and rocks.This is like for adventurers who like more to explore not just to be at one place at all.

This national park have 7 great waterfalls.Skradinski Buk waterfall is famous flanked by traditional watermills.

Is Worth to visit NP Krka

Absolutely yes,there is no word to say or show,how good nature is,but my short review and short time to explore all nature of this national park is only my opinion.You must visit by self and explore everything to see by own eyes.Good place not to be in second plane about visiting Croatia,but in my opinion this can be at least last destination to visit,you will not complain about visiting.

What NP Krka have to be seen

Everything have,but if i must make something to see first is waterfalls,as you read first let see second popular waterfalls to visit.

Roski Slap is waterfalls with round the whole location there is a walking trail with wonderful views.

Second easy way to see Roski slav is to take boat operate stuff of NP Krka and see all you can image and dream.

My honest critique

At end of this post you will tell,what i just read,this can be real review and critique about national park.

Yes you have right,but at my point of view and that was only 3 hour at this park,i can only say its nice and good place to visit,nature,rocks and all landscape from visiting and leaving this park is amazing almost not real.From my hometown to this park is far away,and that is why this review was short,i visit only one time.

Its not like other but have something that you will be happy to visit again.

Top Croatian Destination by amateur traveler


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