How to Blur Face in Video

How to Blur Face in Video

How to Blur Face in Video
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How to Blur Face in Video

How to Blur Face in Video

This simple tutorial will show you how to make any video censored.With just one minute you can censored.

First download cyber link software,after that simple tutorial on video will show you simple step.

How to Blur Face in Video

Simple picture that show how to make censored video.

How to Blur Face in Video

Step by Step guide

First open cyber link,then put video that will be censored,after that simple go to tools,motions tracker and now,you can put as many you want tracker and click track.

After that video will start with motion tracker,and place where censored will be,you can put 2,3,4 tracker if you want to hide something.


Video above show simple how to make censored video two minute step,there is no need to download,online generator its simple easy way to make simple censored video.

Using cyber link software is one of easy way to make,this is my favorite software.

How to Blur Face in Video

This video show simple,easy way,why to use hard and other way.

How to make censored video is simple today with to much software you can easy edit almost any kind of video.

Cyberlink Power Director


This software is the best for editing any kind of video,this software is easy way to make anything you want.

Using this software is easy and I suggest to everyone to use it.

This software is for all people who like to learn easy way editing,making video with lot of features,its not like pro software with more options this have easy simple method.

Cyberlink or other software


No for me only cyberlink is best for editing and creating video without pay to much for some plugins.

If you amateru video editor or gamer this is easy simple way o make your video better.



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