google adsense placement tips 2018

google adsense placement tips 2018

google adsense placement tips 2018
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google adsense placement tips 2018

google adsense placement tips 2018


We all want to make extra money from website or online.

We learn hard to know how adsense work,lot of people just start blogging and after short time stop,they see nothing is coming.Its like waste of time to make money with adsense.

Ask self is it possible to make money in short time with website and google adsense placement tips 2018.

One word,yes this method is real and do not try other or make fake click to google adsense placement.

5 google adsense placement tips 2018 

First find good niche for website,good keyword with small competitions and good quality search by month report between 1k to 10 000 and 10 000 to 100 000 search result.

With this above tip you will put your niche to top of search engine,its working method.

I use this method for this simple blog.

Lets talk about content and articles on website,first you must lose 1 year writing good content article to be searched.

My best tips for you to write 100 articles in your niche,with good content and seo after that start other website similar content than first one.

Then connect after some time first website with 100 article and second after 20 article,that will be good for seo.

2 google adsense placement tips 2018

2 niche domain with google adsense placement

Lets say you have 2 domains,with 150 article,one is 100 other 50 in you niche.

And i type best adsense placement this is example,google will show 1st best position website in this keyword,but with good content on two site you can make it double seo with small amount of time to reach this.Still do not believe.

google adsense placement tips 2018

Above is simple how my second and 3 website is on first page on google.But with only 1 domain,if you use double domain with similar content you can smash your competitors.

This tactic is good and proven to work with google adsense,with high search rate visitor will come after some time.

google adsense placement tips 2018

Still using one domain and web site,my dream is after i write 100 article on this site i will make new one,with similar text about my niche,i use here simple easy keyword,but i use to write to much thing like travel,tech and games.Its not easy way but who know what will happen after one,two or never happen.I still happy that i see my content on first page on google.Job is not easy but ask your self there is no easy way to make money.Simple find yourself best content to write,make minimal 100 article per domain.Avoid clickbaits,find groups on people that love your story and that all tips and trick about this.


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