Fortnite Playground Mode

Fortnite Playground Mode

Fortnite Playground Mode
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Fortnite playground mode

Fortnite playground mode

Today Fortnite playground mode lunch new mode,this mode will give you all creativity to show.

After all played mode final they put something awesome,and that is mode where you show your creativity,with this mode you have almost one hour to make everything you dream.

I play one hour and still its amazing what this simple mode can improve your skill make something that you cant make in regular mode.And show all creativity that you have.

Fortnite playground mode

This mode is perfect and they put squad,you can build with other player fast then solo,only problem is for now its little bug that make game finish before time end.


With this kind of mode and fortnite show again that no way they will lose respect and other player.

Fortnite at least make us back to minecraft game,where you have ability to do what ever you want,and its good for people who want little relax time building and crafting.

Fortnite become Minecraft ?

No that is my answer,fortnite just want to show what this game can do,and that is all what is fortnite make.

People like to comment bad,and make bad review on everything but in the end you like this game or not that is you way or choice.


Fortnite cinematic replay mode 

Why this mode is good,after you build your dream house or whatever you think is good,you can always record and see in cinematic replay mode,you never need other software to use,just play after that use in game cinematic replay mode and see what you build record,make slow or fast replay than show to other player.

This mode is awesome in every aspect of game,after you finish you can lose hour to make best scene,best way to show own creativity to other,this is something that most game do not have,but this game show what is awesome.

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