Croatian Food

Croatian Food

Croatian Food
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Croatian Food

Croatian Food

The food in the small country of Croatia is in sync with the country’s rich history and the three climatic regions. The essential ingredients for most of the Croatian food are garlic, cabbage, potatoes, olive oil, Polenta (a coarse meal made of corn), Paprika, Ajvar which is a relish from grilled vegetables, and plum jams commonly used in baking.

They also use condiments such as Kulen from Slovenia which is pure pork and garlic sausage in pig’s appendix casing, Suha Slanina and Suha Koljenica frequently used in cabbage rolls and soups or sarma. Csabai and the most familiar skinless sausages cooked over charcoal called cevapcici.

Some of the best Croatian food uniquely made by the native methods and ingredients are:

It is a mild cheese and cream pastry that is the cultural icon. It is a cross between the Austrian Trudel and the Turkish Borek, giving you the best of both cultures. The scrumptious dessert is available at the Hotel Esplanade in Zagreb.

For those who love the essence of the Continental spices, “Fis Paprika” is an adventure for the taste buds. With the combination of several freshwater fish such as starlet, carp, pike, and catfish in a cast-iron kettle over the fire, this bizarrely delicious stew are best found at the Restaurant Komoran near the Nature Park in Kopacki rit.

Also known as black risotto, it is the most common and distinctive Croatian food that is coloured by squid ink and flavoured with other seafood such as mussels, shellfish, and clams. The best Cznri Rizot can be tasted in the villages of Hodilje and around Ston

This Croatian food is a mixture of various meats, seafood, and veggies baked in amber wood fire oven in a tray with a bell-like lid for two hours. Mixed with Mediterranean herbs, honey, and spices it gives a sweet and savoury. There are many varieties of meat Peka, but you can taste the unique Octopus Peka at Toni Tavern in Skradin.

Scampi, mussels, shrimps, and clams are cooked together with white wine, parsley, breadcrumbs and garlic with tomato sauce for color. This simple method and ingredients enhance the authentic taste of the crustaceans and shellfish and are commonly found all over Coastal Croatia.

  • Pasticada

Known as the queen of Dalmatian cuisine served with gnocchi, this traditional meat dish made from the fillet of baby beef is marinated in vinegar for several days and braised for hours in its juice and red wine. Other than homemade Pasticada, the best places to have them are Vinica Monkovic and Buffet Fife in Split.

  • Gregada

The Culinary discovery of Croatian food meets every palate. Bless your appetite with the light seafood such as Gregada fish stew from the Island of Hvar. They are a made with white wine, capers, salted anchovies, parsley and potatoes

  • Fritule

Sweet Fritule fried dumplings made with rum-raisins and lemon zest which is deep fried in ball dough.

  • Brodet

Much like Pasticada, Brodet is a stew made from the combination of various fish that includes eel fish and frogs with onions, tomato sauce, and spices. There are many variations of this Croatian dish, and the best ones are in Restaurant Duda & Mate in Nevertvanski

Croatian cuisine can be comforting, indulging and sometimes bizarre but the array of food and the combination of various flavours in Croatian food is bound to appease food enthusiasts all over the world for days!

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