best way to make money 2018

best way to make money 2018

best way to make money 2018
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best way to make money 2018

best way to make money 2018

What is the best method to make money online?

If we start to google, you find a lot of online gurus to make money fast, without investment, that is not true at one point.

First, you invest your time, that is for the start more worth than money.

I will show you some method that for starting is good, this method will not get you fast money, but with good SEO keywords, and the good keyword you have a chance to be the first page of google.

Best way to make money 2018


First you must have a domain, use something that is with your content, second, make good, unique content don’t be shy write own, find some theme what will be an analysis other content see what keyword is used low and what is the best way to make your website get 1st page on google. Sometimes is easy, and sometimes is hard.

Do not write small content, write minimal 300 to 500 words per page, without that your site can be visible and beat other.

Best keyword and content use

Seo keyword, content SEO, traffic SEO

Do not pay for traffic, or gurus online without reading this, everything is free just be the unique content writer.

best way to make money 2018

I research content and keywords, and after 4 days like on the picture above my site is second on google.

What I do, research content of the first page, then write unique content about Adsense placement with the easy way.

Second picture show, I make good content for traveling, it is not easy but my two page is on the first page of google.

Best way to make money 2018 online

Content is the half job, a keyword is the second job

We all do mistake without think before we do or publish something, content is half job and way to make money, using own content can do better than everything else.

My method is every two days make a post about something, from traveling, tech and game, all content must be 300 to 500 text with lot information, that way google search and place you better positions.

How many keywords to use 2018

This is tricky questions, sometimes with 5 good keywords, you can make better than 10 or 20.

You don’t believe this I show simple youtube video with 5 keywords that make my video 22000 views.

Using the right content, the keyword can do better than paying something without knowledge can you lead to spending more than grow more money.

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