best places to go in croatia

best places to go in croatia

best places to go in croatia
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best places to go in Croatia

best places to go in croatia

Today we talk about travel guide to Croatia,before visiting this is some of information about Croatia.

Croatia is top 20 destination to visit,with historical story,great food and nature there is thing like no other country.

What about thousand islands that this spectacular place to visit before you visit or leave Croatia.

 best national park to visit before leave Croatia

  • National Park Plitvicka Jezera
  • National Park Krka
  • Np Park Brijuni
  • Mljet
  • Paklenica
  • Risnjak
  • Sjeverni Velebit
  • Kornati

11 Croatian parks of nature

  • Park prirode Biokovo
     Kopački rit
    Lonjsko polje
    Vransko jezero
    Žumberak – Samoborsko gorje
    Lastovsko otočje

Best visited Croatian Islands to visit

  • Hvar – Breathtaking beach and nightlife
  • Vis – Wine lovers must have heard of this island.
  • Korcula – is the most populated Croatian island. ‘Little Dubrovnik’, as the island often names, is an old city known for its unique architecture
  • Brac – This big island lies not far from Split. Brda, clean water, pine forests, all make Brač an unavoidable tourist destination
  • Cres –  One of the largest islands in the Adriatic Sea is definitely the Cres island. Its picturesque beaches and bays make it special. One of the most famous attractions of this island is certainly the freshwater lake Vrana
  • Mljet – The most green Croatian island is exactly Mljet. Its large parts are covered with forests. The rest are fields, vineyards and small villages.
  • Pag – is the Croatian island with the longest coast and the most popular as a ‘party island’. It has many coves, caves and beautiful beaches. Zrće beach is equally popular among tourists as well as among the locals
  • Kornati – A group of 130 islands, islets and rocks makes for home to many vineyards, olive groves and fig trees
  • Rab –  is one of the most beautiful Croatian islands. The home has many different botanical species.
  • Krk – It is often called a ‘golden island’. Krk is actually a bridge connected to the mainland, making it much more accessible



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