best niche websites 2018

best niche websites 2018

best niche websites 2018
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best niche websites 2018

best niche websites 2018

best niche websites 2018

What is the best niche for website 2018 to use, before start blogging?

Ask your self before start website, what will I do to make my website 1st page on google engine, it’s not easy there is to many competitions.

Keyword Investigations

Use this before make new site and domain, find what you wanna write and what about.

Research best close competitions then find the best way to make high-quality text.

high-quality text

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High-quality SEO content can do better than paid SEO or paid traffic. Use the best quality text to avoid plagiarism or copy paste, its destroy SEO ranking.

Focus your text and story with the title of the post, sometimes people do not use the title in tag, keyword, and story. That means that text is not same as the title of a story.

Recommended minimum of 300 words

Yes use this before anything you write, this must be one of the first rule your site.

Google like text, the website with full of text will be faster index and ranked then under 300 words per post and page.

The incomplete title can destroy your rank and SEO, this is something that uses a page with clickbait, to specify the user to click on a title. Do not use this tactic it will work for some time, but losing a potential visitor to stay and read your web will high.No one like clickbait.

best niche websites 2018

best niche websites 2018 tips and trick

My site is about photography, tech and street life, it is to much text to write, and do not use this to write about everything, there is to many competitions.

Stick with one theme,or niche to use best of website niche. Using to much stuff and writing make you lose time, find something to write and stick with that.

Use multi-domain, this is the good method to stay with other competitions, this is good, one domain makes let us say about photography review, and second, make about photo types of equipment.

With that two domain always have the almost same title, but different text, title, and SEO can be almost the same, like use this

Domain one example 

How to make macro photography

Domain two

best macro lens for photography

This is my simple example, something like this will rank faster your web, with two domain you can make internal links for every article you make for two niche website.




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