best croatian islands

best croatian islands

best croatian islands
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best croatian islands

best croatian islands


Croatia is awesome country with thousand islands.

Before reading this text,this is my best croatian island to visit before leave country,and find why croatia is the best.


The medieval Hvar streets are home to imposing buildings that witness a burning history.

Awesome beach and nightlife is best what this island give to you.

The town of Hvar is perhaps the most beautiful place on the island, but Stari Grad is the oldest and definitely worth visiting as well as Jelsa.


Isolated island,and if you wine lover this is for you,with nice nature,and landscape this is perfect for vacation to visit.

Because of its isolation, it retained the originality and lifestyle typical of the fifties of the last century, and tourists attracted the slogan ‘Mediterranean as it used to be’. The crystal clear sea, the secluded beaches and the historic core as well as the preserved nature are to admire every tourist crossing the viole.


The most populated Croatian island,often called (Mini Dubrovnik) with unique architecture.

Island is rich with greenery,50 m high protected nature monument,with oldest cypresses in Europe.


Famous dj arrive to this island with best beach and nightlife this islands is great place for young who like party from 24h,every day.

Its best islands for nightlife if you party person this is first place to visit do not visit any other.

Zrće beach is equally popular among tourists as well as among the locals. And adventurers who are not strange to spend the night under the clear sky.

My opinion

Croatia islands is one of the best in the world,and its top destination every year,its safe to travel and visit any city,islands.Its best country with safe traveler and price is ok for visitors,local people is little bit expensive but for visitors from other country price is ok.This is small description about islands of croatia and best to visit.


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