Best Croatian Food

Best Croatian Food

Best Croatian Food
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Best Croatian Food

Best Croatian Food


Lets talk about traditional best croatian food,sit and read tasty food by gastro croatian.


Original meat from Croatia.Produced by drying on the smoke of the swine honey,tasty and spice called kulen.

1.5 pork meat
5 dg of garlic
1 dag of grated ground pepper
2.5 dag salt
2 dag of angry red peppers
2 dag sweet red peppers
1 swine blind hose

Slavonia Riblja Čorba (Appetizers)

Another best croatian food,this is traditional appetizers that can be spice or hot,you can find this at any Slavonia city or village.


For 4 persons:
50 dag carp
50 dag soma
20 dag port
1 carrot
1 celery root
5 bean peppers
1 teaspoon ground red pepper
10 dg of tomatoes
1 dL of white wine
1 d.L of sour cream
One persimmon hose
One bay leaf
oil and salt

SOM IN WINE (Main dish)

If you like fish,why not try at wine that is one tasty gastro pleasure.


1 kg soma
white wine as needed
100 g butter
1 lemon, cut into 4 parts


This is something that you need to try eat,its our best fast food,original its not only for fast food but its make from.Burek is a meal of leafy dough stuffed with meat, vegetables or cheese, and has existed since the Ottoman Empire.Best to eat after long nightlife at morning this is spectacular fast food.


Another fast food gastro that can be at any small place to find,at restaurant,same as burek best to eat after long nightlife or in the morning.

Served with onions, tomatoes or ketchup, you can find them all over Croatia because it is the most popular form of fast food

All kinds of brandy (Rakija)

Where is good croatian food there is traditional alcohol,this called rakija and do not drink to much its stronger.

Pag cheese

One of best croatian food with world wide trademark is cheese from Island Pag,do not leave before you try this.Its salty then other you will ever try.

Best Croatian Food

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