best adsense placement

best adsense placement

best adsense placement
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best adsense placement

best adsense placement

What is best adsense placement to blog,web or free blogspot.

Today everybody talking about how to make money,sometimes its easy,but in true its hard work where lot of people just lose about how to make money.

the biggest mistakes adsense 

Before we do review how to make good placement for adsense,first you must know there is no easy way.

You must find good niche,after that explore competition for that niche.

Seo title must be good and long,no clickbait or no able to read it.

Avoid small content on web without good content visitor will leave faster site that they find your site.

Do not use any clickbait script to make visitor to click on adsense,this result ban from adsense program,you do not need that.

Good keyword with good content can make better result that anything else,with lot of good articles on web,google will make better search for your content on web.

Can i make 100 articles in 1 year

Ask your self,can i make 100 articles for my niche in 1 year.

Why 100 not 20,with more articles on page,its easy to index to google your post.Better result for searching.

best adsense placement

Above picture show how i beat competition for this kind of keyword,and now with that my site is simple index at first page of google,that means someone who type this word,my site show.I use 8 page post with same keyword and result is awesome.This means more traffic to my site,but time is worth to wait see result of your work.Do not think that you can in one month do everything this kind of job need time,1 or 2 years will show your working result.Easy money is not like you read on internet,its hard work and best to do is learn.

best adsense placement

What is best placement for adsense,for me is top of the post,middle of post and end of the post.One from one slide bar to use like you see on this page.Be sure to use in feed url with text its best for high click on ads.

Use Mobile Ad Bar for mobile users its easy to convert clicks for users with mobile or tablet.


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